Exceptionally simple user interface

We firmly believe that a software solution should never be complicated to use. The Winter Web App has been developed to offer the quickest learning curve and yet deliver an extremely powerful solution to the public works professionals across North America. If you can use a mouse and browse the internet, you will be a Pro of the Winter Web App in no time!

Your comprehensive, annual winter operations and policies document

Let’s face it, although having proper winter planning and operations document is critical, it takes way too long and keeps you away from doing the day-to-day tasks. We understand the importance of documentation and what a lifesaver it can be. With the Winter Web App, you no longer need to spend weeks creating your document – the App does it for you! Simply answer straight forward questions and create your maps, and your document is magically created by the system!

Creating maps has never been easier

Following the theme of simplicity and powerful features, the Winter Web App allows you to create your own maps for plow routes, vulnerable areas, jurisdiction boundaries, and more. Plus, there is no GIS or mapping background required! For instance, for plow routes, simply click on points along the road and the system automatically draws the lines for you, following the curves of road. Imagine: you will no longer need to bug your IT group to update the maps when they are this easy!

Easily track storms events

Now, this particular tool can do wonders for you throughout the winter season! The Storm Event Tracking allows you to log your events online for easy tracking and analysis. We have also built-in charts to help you better visualize the important elements of the storms.

Track your material, facilities, staff and equipment data in one convenient location

Tracking winter operations, materials, staff, equipment, etc. on paper is great, but how helpful is it if you have to dig into piles and piles of documents when a decision needs to be made? The Winter Web App keeps all your key data right on your Home page under MY DATA TOOLS. You are always just a click away from a wealth of information on the topics that matter the most to you in everyday winter operations.

Customized units of measurement

The Winter Web App understands that each municipality tracks things a little differently. Our system recommends the best units for the different categories (e.g. weight, volume, lane lengths, etc.), but it also gives you the ability to change the units as required. Whether you are using the Winter Web App in Canada or the United States, we have you covered!

Up to 2 hours of free online training

Although the Winter Web App is extremely simple to use, we do recognize that some assistance may be required to get started on the new system. As part of your subscription, we will honour two (2) FREE hours of online training.

Additional training can be provided on as needed basis at a reasonable cost.

So many features, yet so affordable!

$579 *
Per Year

Through the document creation ability of the Winter Web App alone, your municipality will save weeks of work each year. That is a saving of at least $4,000, in the first year alone (rated: 35 hours/week @ $40/hour). Take advantage of the introductory offer today and save even more! Signup today!

*Additional Add-Ons not included.