The Winter Web App (WWA) is created for municipalities across North America - particularly for the public works directors who deal directly with winter operations and management. It is a product of Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA), a not-for-profit organization serving Ontario municipalities for over one-hundred years, with the continuous aim to provide innovative tools and services to the public works leaders, allowing them to truly do more with less.

Humble beginnings to North-America Expansions

The WWA was created in 2012, and was initially made available only to Ontario (Canada). However, it quickly became clear that the solution being provided by this neat tool is directly applicable to all of the public works professionals across Canada as well as the United States. Furthermore, in the original release, the WWA’s sole job was to promote documentation by allowing municipalities to easily create their winter planning document for each of the winter seasons. However, with the release of version 2.0, we have taken WWA to the next level! The WWA has now been setup effectively as an ecosystem, capable of hosting a number of different “Add-On” tools and services by third-parties - all working together to support the activities of the municipal winter operations directors and managers.

Special Thanks

The WWA has been created by the OGRA, but it could not have been possible without the gracious support of our partners:
the Salt Institute and the Ontario Road Salt Management Group.

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